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A Life, at First Deemed Quite Pathetic, Is Comparatively Copacetic... - Sister Perpetua's Good Book [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Oh, You Know

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A Life, at First Deemed Quite Pathetic, Is Comparatively Copacetic... [Jul. 18th, 2003|10:10 pm]
Oh, You Know
[Current Mood |thankfulthankful]
[Current Music |Cat Stevens -- Wild World]

I am finally beginning to emerge from my injury-induced funk. Sure, my ankle still smarts while I scurry in place, hampster-like, on the horrid elliptical trainer at my gym; of course, my silly broken heart is still a useless mass of pulp that frantically fibrillates every time anyone makes mention of Pool Hall Man; naturally, my mind is in a sorry state. But you know what? I don't have it all that bad.

Expect to see some sad scenes in subsequent entries...
(But don't worry your pretty, silky heads. In each event, there is new hope.)

[User Picture]From: holyloki
2003-07-19 05:06 am (UTC)
Hey. I'm in NYC now, possibly heading to Ithaca briefly in the next few days, but we should plan a visit. It'd be really nice to see you while I'm here. Is there any time before the 29th which seems best for you? Lemme know darlin'. ; )
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[User Picture]From: sisterperpetua
2003-07-23 08:18 pm (UTC)

Bwow, bwow bwow bwow bwow...

I'm comin' down on the 1150 train and I'm all yours, darlin'. ;)

See you tomorrow.
(I'll call in the morning just in case this doesn't reach you.)
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[User Picture]From: queenmab
2003-07-19 06:06 am (UTC)
I miss you. Desperately. I hate to see you despairing. I am around...call me. We must msg and movies and such. I am not working thur, fri, or sat...so get a hold of me as I will try to get a hold of you. :) I send hugs and cosmic rays!
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[User Picture]From: sisterperpetua
2003-07-23 08:21 pm (UTC)

You & me & MSG.

You know, I do sense a deficiency of additives in our diets, dear. Whaddya say to Chinese next Tuesday?

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[User Picture]From: scarysecrets
2003-07-19 05:49 pm (UTC)
Poor baby Meg. I will be thinking of you while amongst the nerds.
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[User Picture]From: sisterperpetua
2003-07-23 08:23 pm (UTC)


LOL It could be worse--I could have worms in the bum.

Hope things are hot and happenin' at nerd camp. Keep me in the know.

And damn, I'm going to miss you in Memoir.
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[User Picture]From: capn_jil
2003-07-22 09:24 pm (UTC)
hey shit, i just realized that sisterperpetua was actually the meg we all know and loev. after i think you've told me like three times and given me a bottle of Full Sail or whatever

anyway, helpless interweb hugs re your situation. and totally friending you once i'm on my own computer.
(freshman jay.)
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[User Picture]From: sisterperpetua
2003-07-23 08:29 pm (UTC)

The glass is always half Full Sail.

None other. Hello, my dear. Friend me--friend me well when you return. And I still owe you for that lunch you bought me when I was in need. ;) Happy to hear from you again.

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[User Picture]From: rabidfairy
2003-07-23 02:21 pm (UTC)
Ah meg you know upon your return we will partake of the Bagdad's cheep movies and beer and watch christopher guest movies and laugh our asses off with our returned commie friend.

love always, but you know that

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[User Picture]From: sisterperpetua
2003-07-23 08:31 pm (UTC)

My first, my last, my roommate.

Darklink, I miss you something awful. We're are going to watch so many cheap movies and eat so much greasy pizza and drink so much Terminator Stout that your head is going to pop. Mine too. Can't hardly wait.

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